About Royal Fireplace & Outdoor

Adding more warmth and light into your home should be simple. Royal Fireplace & Outdoor is a growing e-commerce store that focuses solely on what we do best: helping you find the right fireplace.

We offer a wide variety of gas and electric fireplaces and premier fireplace accessories for indoor and outdoor settings. Our goal is to provide the highest customer service level, unsurpassed support, and complete satisfaction to our customers.

A Greater Mission

Lisa had the dream of taking the top-notch services she had shown in the Tri-State area to the entire nation.

Yet moving beyond the borders of her brick and mortar store would be tought, and replicating the exact same in-person experience for her new online customers would be even tougher.

Hours of Operation

Our e-commerce website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an authorized online retailer, Royal Fireplace & Outdoors has a wide selection of name-brand fireplaces and styles. Our team is available to help ensure that any questions or issues are handled promptly and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Name-Brands We Offer

Royal Fireplaces & Outdoor

Brands We Offer

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A Growing Team

Chris Cosgrove is a verteran technology executive with a long history of creating excellent customer experiences for large scale businesses.

His experience and mastery of the digital space made him the perfect fit for the role and put even more weight behind the Royal mission.

Together, Lisa and Chris bring top-notch experience, industry mastery, and much needed flair to an otherwise lackluster industry.

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